Iron Horse Room

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The Iron Horse Room was designed by Andy who has a passion for vintage Yamaha XT bikes. For anyone who enjoys the freedom of the open road on a motorcycle. You will appreciate the tasteful décor. Done in Black, grey, and red. We hope you enjoy the small touches around the room. This room offers a private entrance and a queen bed. The private bathroom has a jetted tub/shower combination.

The Montana Room features a taste of Montana. Inspired by the beautiful state we live in. We wanted to share a little of that beauty and adventure with you. This room is decorated in The Montana Roomnatural browns and greens to make you feel as if you just stepped out of the woods and into a cozy cabin. We hope you enjoy this room as much as we enjoyed putting it together. The Montana Room offers a queen bed and comfortable full sized sofa bed along with a private bathroom with a jetted tub/shower combination.

The World Travel Room is decorated with  tasteful touches of far-away places.  The room is decorated with the turquoise of World Travel Roomtropical waters and the soft tones of sandy beaches.  From the antique trunk to the world map this room is sure to leave you expecting to peek out the window and see an elephant amble past. This room offers a queen bed, a private bathroom with an oversized jetted tub/shower combo as well as a double sink.

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