Map and Directions

Driving Time and Distances

  • From Billings – I90 E: 125 miles 2 hours / I94 E 121 miles 2 hours
  • From Bozeman, MT – I90 E: 264 miles 4 hours 10 min
  • From Sheridan – County Hwy 31: 102 miles 2 hrs.
  • From Forsyth– MT 39:  35 miles 37 min.
  • From Miles City – I94 E: 79 miles 1 hr. 18 min.

Directions from MT 39

If you are entering Colstrip from the I 94 interchange you will drive into Colstrip and turn right onto Castle Rock Lake Rd.

If you are entering Colstrip via Lame Deer you will turn left onto Castle Rock Lake Rd.

Colstrip Inn and Suites and Subway will be on your left after you turn.

Continue on Castle Rock Lake Rd for approximately ½ mile. You will pass a park on the right.                                                                                                                                                              Castle Rock B&B will be on your left at 7412 Castle Rock Lake Drive. Welcome.



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