Many people have spent a few moments, or maybe more, fantasizing about what life would be like living in a small town. Many of us watched episodes of Northern Exposure and longed for that sense of community and warmth. But is it real? Do places like that really exist? Yes they do, and we are lucky enough to call this close knit community home.

Colstrip is built around two companies. Western Energy, a coal mine; and PPL, a coal run power plant. Western Energy and PPL work hard to make living in the middle of Eastern Montana not just bearable, but enjoyable. The amenities found here in our small town are hard to match anywhere else.

We have a community gym, CPRD. This is a great place to go and work out in the clothes you already own. Nobody’s putting on a fashion show here, but, hey if you want to we won’t judge. Even better no one expects you to get fit before you go to the gym. The trainers are encouraging and just scary enough to get you moving.

Bicentennial Library is also small, but fabulous. You won’t find a friendlier library staff anywhere. Did I mention I am also a librarian? They love to have out of town guests stop in and enjoy our large selection of magazines and newspapers in our lounge area. Bicentennial Library also offers free wifi as well as computers for you to use.

Another place you don’t want to miss is SHAC. Located at 400 Woodrose in Colstrip, MT, the Schoolhouse History and Art Center (SHAC) is established to provide the opportunity for cultural events, arts education and promotion, and to encourage and preserve the culture and history of Colstrip and the surrounding area. They also have a wonderful gift shop with unique handmade gifts you won’t find anywhere else.
It doesn’t end there. Here in Colstrip we have a great golf course and club house. You can rent a golf cart for $7.00! What a deal. I don’t even golf, but I love to bop around in the golf cart hitting the balls. I may take 20 shots per hole, but I’m outside and it’s a beautiful day.

Castle Rock Lake, located just across the street from our cozy B&B is a great place to take a leisurely stroll. Watching the wildlife, such as song birds, hawks, bald eagles, beavers, musk rats, and fish is always a joy. And speaking of fish, you can’t go wrong fishing in our lake which is stocked with Walleyes, Bass, Crappies, among others. If you like to go for an early morning run, this is the perfect place. The trail around the lake is approximately 2.5 miles.

Our town is also covered in paved and maintained bike paths. The whole town can be circumvented on one of our bike paths.

Andy and Mindy taking a tour of Western Energy Coal Mine
Andy and Mindy taking a tour of Western Energy Coal Mine

Whatever your reason for visiting our little town, we hope you find it as welcoming and friendly as we do. Please visit with Andy or Mindy to have any questions about Colstrip answered.

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